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25 October 2008 @ 05:47 pm

Community Rules/Guidelines

RP drama is inevitable. However, this doesn't mean disputes can't be handled civilly between players. If players are unable to end a dispute between themselves, they should contact a moderator at xmutantmods@gmail.com or PM one of us.

Individuals that start drama will only be given one warning before being dismissed from the game on the second offense. The same is true of those who are found to be participating in and/or encouraging drama. There will be no exceptions--drama will not be tolerated here.

Players need to be sure they have a firm idea of their character's personality and the game's premise before applying. Likewise, players should make sure they're staying in character.

Mary Sues/Gary Stus and godmodding are also not allowed.

If any of the above is seen happening with a character, the player will receive two warnings before being removed from the game on the third offense.

Both spelling and grammar are important, so looking over your post before hitting submit never hurts. If you use Firefox/Chrome, there should be an inline spellchecker already installed on your browser. With this, your browser will point out misspelled words as you type, à la Microsoft Word. This should successfully prevent a majority of spelling issues.

Players are currently only allowed 4 characters max (although this number is subject to change). Additionally, players cannot play two characters that would interact regularly. Players seeking additional characters must allow a one month period between applying for a new characters, although an exception may be made for extremely active players.

Try to stay up to date and try to stay active! We know RL can cut into internet and therefore RPing time, so we will be lenient. However, if your absence exceeds two months, we'll probably contact you about your interest in the RPG and your plans.

If you are going away or need a break because of personal issues (school, moving, vacation, etc.) we ask that you post at xinsanityhigh informing everyone you will not be available for x amount of time.

Slash, het, and femmeslash are all permitted. Keep in mind if your character is anything other than heterosexual that they should be played as the setting requires. Also, bear in mind that character relationships need to be born of an agreement between both players, as well as believable.

PBs should be as close to canon as possible, although minor details (such as eye color) can be overlooked. Obviously, there should be no duplicate PBs in the community with exceptions being a twin, clone, etc. Keep in mind that it's not mandatory for your character to have a PB here if you can't find one at first. You don't have to rush a decision to be accepted! You are also allowed to change your PB from the movie-version to your own if you so desire.

There should be a suitable amount of clear icons for your character. Try here for a complete list of icon makers and tips for uploading multiple icons quickly or transferring icons to a new account. If you're looking for a PB, you can try here to find suitable candidates. If you already have someone in mind for your character, this community is a helpful for icon-finding.

If you don't have a PB, you decide not to have one, or if you'd like to use comic icons too, X-men character icons can be found here and here.

All posts related to the game are posted at xmutanthigh at this time.

Thread headings should be formatted as follows:

Indicate in the subject heading if the thread is an [open log], [closed log] or a [scene], so members know if their character(s) are allowed to tag in.

Characters: [Who's involved in this scene.]
Setting: [Where and/or when the scene is taking place.]
Content: [Maybe what the scene's trying to achieve, what spawned it into being, content, warnings, and etc.]
Status: [Indicate if the log is incomplete or complete.]
Thread-jacking (optional): [You may delete this heading if it's not applicable.]