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25 October 2008 @ 05:51 pm
character application process  

Character Application Process

(1) Pick a character! If you are unsure of who you would like to pick up, Marvel's X-Men Character Category should be helpful. xmutanthigh's roster can be found here. Remember to research your character thoroughly, especially if it is a character originating from the comics and not the movies. It is preferable that if your character is from the comics, you therefore are familiar with the comics your character has been in. If we believe you do not sufficiently know your character in this case, there is a good chance your application will be rejected.

Keep in mind that if your character is one from the comics and not the movie trilogy, you'll probably have to adjust his/her timeline to fit into the XMH universe. We're quite flexible here at XMH, and if you'd like to talk to the mods to better figure out your character's place in the RPG before submitting, don't hesitate to PM one of us, or use our email.

(2) Fill out the application below and comment to this post with your finished results. If you must post more than one comment because of the comment word limit, that's fine. Please indicate in the comment subject line it is a continuation of your application.


A Word on Characterization:
Like in fanfiction, the Mary and Gary Sue is a dangerous pitfall of the RPG. While we don't want to be characterization Nazis, we refuse to tolerate blatant self-insertion when it comes to characters many of us know and love. While literary wiggle room is more than allowed, you must stay true to the major character traits of your chosen RP character. The moderators will be doing extra research into every new character so as to better acquaint ourselves with them, and be better equipped to evaluate characterization.

(4) Wait to be accepted. This may take anywhere from a few days to a week. If we don't respond after a week, please PM one of the mods to let us know you are still waiting.

(5) Make a journal for your character and request to join the xmutanthigh and xinsanityhigh communities.

(6) Add everyone in the community as your friends. Don't worry, they will add you back eventually. To add all at once, you can follow the instructions here.

(7) Introduce yourself and your character at xinsanityhigh!

(8) Start Playing!

If, however, your application is rejected, you will unfortunately not be given the go-ahead to join the RPG.

Applications can be rejected for any of the following reasons:
- The application was not filled out correctly, or was filled out but was not submitted with the required application scene.
- Not enough research was done into the character's background, or, if research was done, it was poorly conveyed.
- The portrayal of the character is not consistent with his/her personality.
- The scene itself was poorly written, lacked editing, flow or coherency, or did not meet the requirements stated above.

If your application has been rejected, and you wish to reapply after doing more research, improving your writing skills, or switching to a more familiar character to you, you may. We believe that everyone deserves a second chance, however, reapplication will not be permitted until a two week period has passed between the time for your first application's rejection and your second application.

The opportunity to reapply does not guarantee that you will be approved, particularly if the same problems arise within your application. You are given one chance to reapply, and one chance only.

If you have any questions or comments, please do not hesitate to PM a mod with them!