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10 October 2007 @ 05:39 pm
for Mindy!  
Hii Mindy!I haven't been around on here an abundant amount the past week or so; I've been mostly on the net for just a couple of minutes to check the news, my friends page, and whatnot, and now Gmail won't let me login, so I've gotten sort of behind.

But, anyway- I was wondering if you'd like to get some plotting and writing up together whenever you have an opportunity?

I know school is terrible, and you (as well as I) probably only have a few hours each day, or every other day, where we're actually on the computer, but I thought that if we maybe figured out what sorts of plots and storylines to take, maybe we could, like, share scenes. And then, either we could each write big sections, or we could each write full scenes and bounce them off of one another. What do you think?

I don't think we really had much of a real storyline going as of late, except for that one scene. I'm pretty sure that I sent you an e-mail a while ago with it, but I can't get into my mail right now to find it and my memory's crappy, so I don't remember if I actually ever sent it to you. :/

Okay, enough typing. :P
Let me know! ♥
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Mindyarliddian on October 11th, 2007 11:38 am (UTC)
Heyyy Johnnie!

Sorry about not replying to your email - I did get it, and I really like the scene you've got so far. Unfortunately after the first couple of times I viewed it, I couldn't access it anymore (I have no idea why) and I hadn't saved a copy. =/

I'm okay for sharing scenes, but I won't be able to do much as it's my last term of high school, and so I've got a lot of final assessment and random activities going on. I'll try and do as much as I can, though!

I don't really have many ideas...but I would like to take their storyline somewhere else that isn't all teen-angsty, if that makes sense. What do you think?

Johnnie Alexandra: 01ohsnow on October 11th, 2007 02:07 pm (UTC)
Oh, don't worry about not replying; seriously- I understand. :P

Hmm, that's weird. I'll see if Gmail will let me log in and see if I can find it; if I do, I'll post it back to you as a comment (probably a long comment) on this post. :]

Ouch, that sounds crappy. But, hey- last term! That's pretty good! No more high school, eh? :P

Haha! I think I know what you mean; you don't want them to like be fine, jealousy/trust issues, drama-rama-rama, break-up, then get back together? You don't want the typical teenage storyline stuff? I agree! :P

Oh! I just had an idea! Bobby's out of school, right? Like- out of the high school thing, and he isn't planning on going to college? And he's actually on the official X-Roster, right? What if, since he's on the Roster and has some superiority compared to her, he sort of helped Amara train? Bria and I were going to work on a thing with Amara's training (because I have a feeling like she sort of feels... weaker than the rest of the group) a while ago, but we never really talked about it. But Bobby could probably help her, and he could be an interesting sort of opponent for her to train with (powers being complete opposites, and all). What do you think?

Johnnie Alexandra: 01ohsnow on October 11th, 2007 02:19 pm (UTC)
I found it! :]
It's a little bit long, so I have to break it up into two sections...
With his eyes still closed, Bobby's breathing finally steadied and slowed as the setting evening sun's rays illuminated the room; the floor, the bed, the blonde who was now breathing on his stomach. Amara pushed her hair back from her forehead as Bobby's fingers untangled themselves from her locks, thoroughly licking her lips before beginning a trail of kisses up his abdomen, fingers dancing up his sides.

Opening his eyes, Bobby swallowed, watching Amara move to straddle him, black lace meeting his skin, with her lips and fingers continually moving up his body.

"That was," he began, "...wow."

She smiled, pleased, and he could feel her smile against his skin as she continued upward. She propped her arms up next to him to support herself, nibbling and kissing on his neck, and Bobby cleared his throat.


She stopped her kisses and moved to meet his eyes, swallowing and licking her lips once again. He lazily placed his arms on her waist, moving slightly upward to kiss her. Her hair fell back out of place as a result of their movements, breaths, and her hips moved with his, small sounds of pleasure escaping from both of their lips in the brief time that was left between their kisses. Amara pulled back after a few moments of kissing, causing Bobby to prop up on his elbows, placing kisses on her skin, and she sighed with fluttering eyelashes, wrapping her legs around him as he pushed up further to sit, his lips not leaving her neck. His hand moved, pulling down the black strap of her bra slightly, lips moving there.

"Bobby..." she breathed, fingers digging on his shoulders as he continued, his kisses becoming cold, powers coming forth as were hers, her skin warming.


His hand fell, and he slowed, leaving icy breaths on her neck. His eyes met hers finally, a searching look in both of their eyes.

Amara ran her fingers through her hair, her other hand realigning the strap to her shoulder. "I, um... the real reason I came to see you was, um, that there's-" she glanced to watch his hand move to rest on her thigh, "there's something that I wanted to give you." She finished with a small smile, her breaths readjusting to a normal pace.

He cocked an eyebrow, curious; his breathing slowing, as well. "Something else?" He smiled and leaned in to kiss her quickly, "What is it?"

She smiled and pulled back to untangle her legs from around him and walked to the desk, digging into her bag, searching. Reaching over the side of the bed, Bobby found his shorts on the floor and watched her as he slipped them back on, taking in how she looked in those garments and the way her skin glowed from the orange rays that were cascading through the window. He stood and moved to stand behind her, wrapping his arms around her, his head resting in the crook of her neck.

"Here it is," she exclaimed. She smiled and turned to face him, his arms falling to his sides simultaneously. She handed to him a plastic case, which was colourful and decorated with various eye-catching things and letters, obviously trying to look special and important.

Bobby smiled and chuckled, "What'd you do?" He gestured to the case.
/pt. 1
Johnnie Alexandra: 01ohsnow on October 11th, 2007 02:20 pm (UTC)

Amara moved to sit on the edge of the bed, half-smiling, and not too sure if he was going to like what it was that she had given him. "It's a mix list- uh, mix CD." she looked at him and he didn't say anything, except turn it over and look at the listing. "I know; it's horribly decorated, and I'm not sure if it's really something that you- that you'll-" she paused, fingers already fidgeting. "Okay- I'll stop stammering now." She grimaced sheepishly and laughed slightly.

He leaned down to kiss her, placing the CD next to her seated figure, and her fingers stopped moving. He pulled back and his hand cupped her face, thumb running across her jawline. "It's great." She smiled and sighed, content.

Stepping to his desk, Bobby gripped the CD case and opened the CD drive on his laptop with a press of a button, placing the disc in its place and closing the drive with one more press of a button. The music started coming through the speakers, piano notes coming from Muse, and Bobby moved back to place his hand on her knee, getting her full attention when he softly turned her chin up towards him with his other hand. He leaned into her with a kiss, soft at first, but becoming deeper with a moment's passing. Amara pulled back, cold breath passing her warm lips.

"Do you like it?" she asked, "I wasn't sure if you'd-"

"Of course I like it," he reassuringly interrupted her, his one hand moving further up her leg and the other moving through her hair. "You picked good music."

She smiled. "I wasn't sure if you'd like some of it, but I sort of tried some different things."

"It's great," he reiterated, speaking softly. He licked his lips and moved to kiss her again, deeper than before, and his legs draped over hers. She sank back into the bed, sighing into his kiss as she wrapped her legs around his. His tongue pushed past her lips, and she ran her fingers through his hair, both of them rising and falling with heavy breaths. Her right hand slid to the middle of his back and her nails dug into his skin. A small grunt passed from his lips, becoming muffled in their kissing.

The song changed, and Bobby's lips moved across her jaw-line, then down her neck. Amara breathed and ran her fingers through her own hair; she didn't dare wish to stop him when he pulled down her strap again, with his lips cold and icy, and her skin warm. She sighed heavily as her stomach began twisting into heavy knots. She thought that she had heard him say something, and if he had, it became muffled as soon as he had said it.

She wrapped her legs up around his waist and began pawing at him with her nails once more, while he pulled her other strap down without thought, planting kisses in places, both new and old, also without substantial thought, because all that he could think of was that their actions and movements spoke more than words or songs ever really could.
/pt. 2
Mindyarliddian on October 14th, 2007 12:23 am (UTC)
Beautiful! Bobby's finally getting some action. Bahaha!

When should we post this scene?

Also, I like the training idea. We can get started on that whenever you like. =)
Johnnie Alexandra: 05ohsnow on October 14th, 2007 04:05 am (UTC)

Hmm- anytime, I suppose. We could post it tonight, since it's Saturday, or tomorrow night; anytime would work, really; it's up to you. :]

Coolness! :]
Think that we should maybe have a scene where she asks him about it, and then they have another scene with actual training on a different day?