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26 August 2007 @ 02:45 pm
Hey everyone!

Just in case you though I'd died- I haven't lol! Going into my 3rd month with no net access at home, which sucks SO MUCH arse! I only get online about once a fortnight now. I'm hoping to have phone connection this week, and at the very least, dial-up shortly after that. So hopefully I can start pulling my weight a little more around here. 

Am posting a little scene, didn't clear it with anyone, so I really hope it's okay. I thought I'd better get it on here while I could. It's supposed to explain why John's been so quiet lately, and also to cover my arse if I'm not on here again for a while!

Anyway, hope to be seeing you more soon. If anyone has any plotting, just let me know and I'll see what I can do!

-XJenX aka Bombshell aka Pyro (lol!)
20 August 2007 @ 12:34 pm
Hey everyone, this is just my PSA to let everyone know I'll be even less active here than I have been lately, if thats even possible.

Why, you ask? I'm off to Europe for two months and will not be able to keep on top of any kind of writing for obvious reasons. For XMH purposes, make like Ali has gone off to Canada for a while post-grad, in order to hone her hero skillz or something, and Logan is there semi-frequently to keep and eye on her, and chill with his Canadian homeboys.

I'll take a moment to apologize for being such an underactive mod of late, this summer has been incredibly full of planning, studying and working toward getting my RMT license. To take another moment, I wanna commend Crystal and Teagan for finally getting us together with the application, they is champs. Yo.

Also, if anyone is interested in getting postcards and other random crap I decide to put a label and postage on, leave me your address! You can comment with it, or send it to me via email: kaytbognar [at] gmail [dot] com

Feel free to send me random emails too, I'll be on my lonesome for a chunk of time and a little love from home is always welcome.

I'm gonna miss you guys loads! Don't be strangers (please?)

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18 August 2007 @ 06:41 pm
Lance has been hanging out with too many girls! It's bad for his brain. Just kidding. But anyway, I was thinking it's abnormal for a guy like Lance to hang out with ONLY girls, espescially since he's not julian keller a complete and total flirt *cough cough*

So. If you get any ideas, email me yeah? (paagal100percent@gmail.com or enigmaticallyana@yahoo.com.sg) Or just comment here. I may take a while to reply because we're having exams everyweek from now on, but I'll try my bestest!

I was emailing Sarah on Lance, and coming up with a little back story. Anyway, i'm going to quote it here so you guys can get a little inspiration or something. hee.

"He had an okay family, but his dad royally freaked out when they found out about uh him. So he ran away but always felt really guilty because he has a little sister (aww) whom he had to leave behind. Of course, he blames his dad. Who else, himself? D: So anyway he was just living of the streets or whatever, trying to get a job but failing miserably, until Mystique came along and dragged him into her little army. Obviously, they didn't get along, cos Lance didn't like being ruled after the incident with his dad, so he ran away again. (mutants do a lot of that, don't they?) Then he met Nori and the rest is history. :D

Right now Lance is just hanging around, trying his best to not bump into Kitty, hanging with Nori and Lorna (seperately, and I'm assuming Nori doesn't know about Lorna) and trying his best to blend into the hallway."

There, I hope that helps~
17 August 2007 @ 03:56 pm
Yay, application process! Although I loved it when this place was small and close-knit, it is still cool to see the organization and stuff like that up and running :D After all those regulation-type posts though, I feel kind of bad posting such a... pointless post. But yeah, gifts for everyone (almost)!

I drew this in my anthropology class today (and during class I was like, "Ooh! Must post these!" - sure sign that I spend too much time on LJ). Yet more two-second-drawings. Very obvious how little time was spent on each one, but I hope you like them. If I didn't draw your character, I'm sorry, it means either I couldn't think of anything funny or class ended. But I think later I'll try to do some of the other characters that were left out this time! Ooh, and, why, yes, I actually did pay attention to lecture today, too...

I give you: Aside from protecting a world that hates and fears them, the X-kids have other problems, too.

The X-kids have problems.Collapse )