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Hi guys! ♥

Ugh, I'm so sorry I've been like not on at all lately! Life has just been kinda sucking in general and I have so much work to do every night and for me, this year is the year that's going to count most for colleges. But I'm hoping that I'll be able to get back on more often this week since I miss you all so much! ♥ For the past few weeks I've been mostly working and making sure I don't fail math this time, and I'm taking a bunch of AP classes so I'm kinda dragged down from that.

Anyways, I just wanted to pop in to say how sorry I am for not being around like at all, but hopefully that'll be changing soon and I'll be loads less stressed. :) I MISS YOU all so much, and you're all made of awesome for putting up with this! EDIT: OH! And a huge thank you to Crystal and Kayt for doing a [that word] job with keeping all the mod-ish things in line! ♥

-Tegan :)


Thanks for everyone input and ideas on that poll I posted a few weeks ago! I think we can definitely use all of them to breathe some fresh air into this community.

So far we have:

1.) More journal entries;
2.) Mass character chats on AIM or MSN;
3.) More schoolwork!;
4.) Over-arching plots;
5.) Randomly paired characters to work together; and
6.) Post scenario posts ala most normal (hehe) RPGS.

Johnnie also had a good idea, too. We should probably let everyone know roughly when we're all available to RP. I'm going to post another post just for that shortly after this one.

There's three more things I wanted to address as well:

I was thinking -- perhaps we should friendslock XIH? Except for of course the Rules/Guidelines, Roster, and Application Process. Since we're accepting apps through email now, it makes sense to flock this community and moderate membership. And our lurkers won't be able to find out our plotties. ;) :P What do we think?

Secondly, character chats. I know I haven't been logged on LJtalk often lately. *shame!* But I also know I'm not the only one neglecting the chat program. I think if we all just log on when we're not busy more often and talk we'd probably get some ideas flowing. Right?


I really think this is a great idea, Jess! It's happening soon and we all can participate!

Maybe we could set up a party at the mansion? We can even use this scenario-post idea and make our own little thread-party of it.

Comment with questions, thoughts, more ideas, etc.!
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Happy Anniversary

Hey my loveleies, 

I´m writing from Madrid, just dropping a quick line in the general vicinity of XMH´s one year anniversary! Wheeeeeeeeee! 

uh wildness has never been thought of or something. I hope everyone is doing well, and all that jazz. Reply and lemme know how y´ll are! I miss everyone something fierce!!!

Muchos amore, amigas!

Because I'm curious and I'm concerned about this RPG...

We've all been busy lately and interested in other things. I'd like everyone to answer these questions if they have a spare moment. I really love this RPG and I really love all of you guys. I love speaking to you all on AIM and reading about how you all are on el-jay, but I also really love RPing with you all too and I miss it.

It's been very quiet around here lately and it'd be nice to know where we all stand, yeah?

Are you still interested in RPing at XMH?

Yes, but I feel like I have no time.
Not anymore...

Do you think making one or two character journal entries a week should be a loose requirement to help make the comm more active?

Yes, I think that it would help.
No, I don't think it would.

What do you think would encourage more activity?

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